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Dissolution Questionnaire: this form contains the basic information necessary to prepare a "Petition for Dissolution of
Income and Expense Statement, (Jackson County, version): this form must be filed with the court because the judge
has to make a finding that neither party requires maintenance.
Statement of Marital and Nonmarital Property, (Jackson County, version): this form lists all of the property owned
by the parties, (which the judge is mandated to divide). Nonmarital property is property brought into the marriage, property
inherited while married and kept separate, and gifts made to one of the married individuals, not both. Marital property is
ANY property acquired while married, no matter how titled. That includes realestate, vehicles, 401K's, retirement accounts,
bank accounts, stocks, bonds, etc. The judge has an obligation to first determine what is nonmarital property and set that
aside to the person who owns it, then divide the remaining property "equitably": not equally, but "fairly".
Child Support Worksheet, (Form 14, from the Jackson County, Missouri Website): Child support is governed by R.S.
Mo 452.340
and R.S. Mo. Civil Rule 88.01. Use this form as a guideline. The judge has the final say, and there are lawyers
that don't know how to fill this form out properly.
Child Support Worksheet Instructions, (from the Jackson County, Missouri Website): These are the instructions for
filing out the Form 14. Good luck. As I shared, there are lawyers that don't know how to fill out this form properly.
There are no winners in a divorce. It is painful for the parties and their respective families. Ask yourself: "Is the pain of
leaving LESS than the pain of staying?"
If it is, get a divorce because the pain of leaving dissipates over time. The pain of
staying only gets worse. The emotional progression involves going through the "5 grieving steps", (you
are dealing with the
death of a relationship).
Look. If you have a short term marriage, no assets and NO CHILDREN, you may be able to use the forms available on the
Missouri Court Administrator's Website. Or, you can hire Lydia Carson, to do it right for less than $283.00. Lydia, is
competent, a genuine person and has a Law Practice that is form centered. She has her own bulk docket in Jackson County
and will handle cases in surrounding counties.
On the other hand, if you have a long term marriage, (more than 3 - 5 years) or have accumulated assets/debts, retirement
accounts or there are CHILDREN involved, HIRE A LAWYER!! There are significant legal issues to deal with, which
are case specific and not easily researchable on the Internet. No offense intended, but you lack the training to know what
questions to ask and therefore don't know what to research. Feel free to call me at 816-765-5455 to help you decide if you
need to hire an attorney to represent you.
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